On the Road: Big Sur Sojourn

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Deetjen's dining room

I know when I am approaching a crossroads in my life because I unexpectedly plan a trip to Big Sur. Why Big Sur? It may sound very ‘California Speak’ to describe Big Sur as a spiritual site, but it is. It possesses a mystical convergence of giant redwoods, rivers, beach, natural springs, waterfalls and ocean.

big sur coast

This is where I go to to unwind. A quick excursion is sometimes all I need. On the road at 8 a.m., sitting at ‘my table’ on the front patio of Nepenthe’s sipping a cocktail by 11:30, eating an Ambrosia burger by noon, browsing the Phoenix shop at 2, sipping an espresso and knitting on the deck of Cafe Kevah at 4, departing at 5, home by 8. Even with all the driving I come home feeling relaxed and ready to face my next challenge.


Big Sur is also the perfect place to celebrate milestones, like a 25th wedding anniversary. Which is what we did just last week. This time we lingered a little longer with a two night stay at Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn.


You are either a Deetjen’s person or you are not. It will either capture your soul from the moment you see it or you will think ‘really?’. It is not Post Ranch Inn or Ventana Inn & Spa. If you don’t fall under its spell after spending the night or having breakfast or dinner, then please do not return. The rest of us want to enjoy our time there in peace because we like that there are no locks on the doors – or televisions, internet access or telephones in the rooms.

Deetjen's Stokes CabinAnd what is there to do at Deetjen’s? Take a morning hike up the canyon or sit on the bench and contemplate one of many hidden Buddha statues.

DSC_4612_Deetjen's canyon

Smell the violets

deetjens violets

or just sit under the arbor and knit…


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2 Responses to On the Road: Big Sur Sojourn

  1. Karletta Moniz says:

    Dear Cathy,
    What a luck granddaughter you have! I agree that words can’t really capture the natural beauty of this coastline. I hope that you will be able to visit us again one day.

  2. Cathy says:

    The beauty of Big Sur! A few years ago we took our oldest granddaughter to Calif and spent the week along the coast line. We did get to spend one day at Big Sur and it was beyond words. I grew up in Calif. and miss so much of the beauty the state has to offer. I am so glad we made the trip, it did bring back alot of memories. Thank you for the post.

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