Thank you, Augusta

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Augusta, Joe Rose & me

Today is International Women’s Day. As I faced the blank page to begin a new post I thought about how lucky I am to have been born in California in the 50′s. My life would have been so different if my grandmother didn’t have the courage to get into a boat in 1920 and sail from Madeira to New York and then cross the country by train to the Bay Area. Left a widow with four children in the middle of the Depression, she managed to help all of her children get a foothold in her new country. Because of her bold move I became the first woman in my family to receive a college education. Her grandchildren have gone on to become lawyers, judges, nurses, receive MBA’s from Ivy League schools and win Iron Man competitions. She would be proud.

So, here is to all of our grandmothers, especially Augusta Veloza, who had the courage to get in a boat or wagon or train or bus or car and head into the unknown. Kiss your grandmother or your mother or any woman who has made a difference in your life today. Mwah!

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