San Francisco BBQ: Wolf Ribs, Paper Dolls and Papa

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paper dolls the urbane grandmotherThere are many inherent joys in being a grandparent. It is a chance to re-visit the favorite parts of one’s own childhood. And since you are the adult this time around you get to decide what parts those will be.

paper dolls the urbane grandmotherSome days we play paper dolls. It is difficult for little hands to cut out the clothes so Papa pitches in.

Papa is also the storyteller. But it seems that LG isn’t as interested in looking at the pictures in a book as she is in hearing her Papa’s voice re-tell the same story over and over and over again, from memory. Which is how he started to improvise in the telling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.
One day he began to riff on what happened to the wolf. As you know Woodchopper Jack killed the Big Bad Wolf. Once you have a dead wolf in a story you need to figure out what to do with it. It can’t just lie there. LG doesn’t like loose ends. She kept asking what happened to the wolf until Papa provided a reasonable solution: wolf ribs. Then she wanted to know what a wolf rib tasted like. And because Papas like to have an answer for everything he suggested we have wolf ribs for lunch.

catshead bbq sign the urbane grandmotherLuckily, there is a San Francisco barbecue place nearby called Cathead’s BBQ. If you have named your restaurant Cat Head’s then what is a wolf rib or two between friends? And they were willing to play along with LG’s request.

eating bbq the urbane grandmother

Let this be a warning to new grandparents: Once you are in for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, wolf ribs may not be far behind.

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5 Responses to San Francisco BBQ: Wolf Ribs, Paper Dolls and Papa

  1. Elizabeth DePalmer says:

    Papa is a genius….love it! Reminds me a lot of my Pop, very sweet.

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