Fort Point San Francisco in the Rain

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fort point the urbane grandmotherThere hasn’t been occasion to write many posts about rainy day activities for kids since I began this site because, well, there haven’t been many rainy days. Thankfully that changed a few weeks ago. There are finally puddles to jump in. And we have found a most unlikely place to spend an hour or two playing in the rain and learning about history at the same time: Fort Point.

fort point the urbane grandmother

Fort Point is a Civil War era fortification at the southern entrance of the San Francisco Bay. Building began in 1853 and was completed eight years later with the help of unemployed miners (there were a lot of them).  Since the fort never saw action it is well preserved.

fort point cannon the urbane grandmother

Its 15 foot thick brick walls surround a central courtyard. It is the perfect place to let little ones jump in puddles, play hide and seek and then rest on a bench.

And is it haunted? You decide…

the urbane grandmother fort point

Interesting fact: The original plans for the Golden Gate Bridge called for the fort to be demolished but the Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss redesigned the bridge to prevent this.

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5 Responses to Fort Point San Francisco in the Rain

  1. Karletta Moniz says:

    If it takes ghosts to get the kids interested I say ‘Go, Ghosts!’

  2. Susan Adcox says:

    My husband loves Civil War history. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to win any enthusiasts among the grandchildren, but perhaps they would go for the ghosts.

  3. Michael Walensky says:

    Surely amongst the spirits will be that of Madeleine Elster. Who can think of “old Fort Point” without hearing Kim Novak say those very words?

  4. Karletta Moniz says:

    I had never been there in the rain but it is a very powerful place – full of all kinds of spirits I think.

  5. Rita says:

    I love Fort Point — rain or shine.

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